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The Training curriculum focuses on leadership skills while understanding that knowledge is an enabler of those skills. Though some of the training deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life Skills and Member Orientation topics that will enhance the member’s life both within and outside of GWRRA. In general, our training is designed to reach visual, verbal, and kinetic learners; our goal is “something for everyone”. It is the intent of the LTP to deliver training in a professional manner and to make certain that training is a fun learning experience for all participants.


The following training is intended to help members realize their full potential and to provide the best possible learning experience.


There are currently eight LTP training programs and more are being developed. New training ideas are constantly being considered such as; Chapter Training Vignettes, Training Videos, and WEB based Training. In the past year we have expanded our training collaboration with the Operations, Rider Education, and Member Enhancement divisions.



Officer Certification Program:


The Officers Certification Program or better known as the “OCP” is a program in the GWRRA Curriculum that is an in-depth seminar of the basic duties and responsibilities of an Operations Officer. Its main objective is to assist the Officers in the following responsibilities: Finances, Membership Enhancement. IRS Compliance, Rider Ed, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, to name a few. This is a very good program & is strongly recommended for all Officers.  The Program is 1 day in length and there is also a short “Celebration of Knowledge” at the end of the day.


Recommended Programs for those interested in GWRRA Leadership roles:






Recommended Programs for the general membership:







The Horizon Program:


The Horizon Program is a fast track overview of the core LTP curriculum with “hands on” training of practical applications, and an excellent class for potential CDs and staff. Horizon is also a great class for the general membership to learn more about teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better chapters. Members learn about how to have FUN in GWRRA in a challenging day and a half course filled with lots of surprises. It is typically conducted during the winter/early spring months and not during riding season. It is an interactive program – the more everyone participates, the more everyone learns!




•Program Overview

•Leadership Training in GWRRA

•LTP Curriculum Overview

•The Instructor’s “Tool Box”

•The Trainers Role

•Presentation Skills

•Lesson Plans

•Instructional/Visual Aids

•Hands-On Application Exercise



•Program Overview

•Team Building & Personal Profile



•Effective Meetings & Events

•The Officer Spouse Couple

•Hands-On Application


                          Training Request Form

     GW University Trainer of the Year Purpose & Criteria

      Instructions for Completing the GW UniversityTrainer of the Year Nomination Form


      GW University Trainer of the Year Nomination Form



Here is a graphic representation comparing Region N’s Training by quarter for 2013 through 2015:


2015 has been a good year for training within Region N based upon the following statistics:


Faculty added to the training roster:

    • University Trainer – 3
    • Senior University Trainer – 5
    • Master University Trainer – 3
    • 16 – members completed the Officer Certification Program either in a classroom setting or on-line.


  • 1 – Classroom OCP was conducted by the Kentucky District as a test of the newly revised (01.15) Officers Certification Program for the Home Office.
  • 1 – Horizon Program was conducted.
  • 2 – UTDP classes were conducted.
  • 1,240 members participated in 1,132 hours of training.





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