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The GWRRA Rider Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcycle environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. The REP does not propose to have all the answers. However, our close-working relationship with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), as well as additional GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider Education Program. Through Commitment, Education and Application, we can reduce our accident rate significantly. Listed below are several benefits of a fully implemented GWRRA Rider Education Program at the Chapter level:

Increased rider knowledge

Increased rider safety skills

Prevention of accidents

Reduced injuries

Reduced fatalities

Improved general public image of motorcyclists

Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding


The motorcycle community is already realizing many positive benefits from the GWRRA Rider Education Program. Through the efforts of the Rider Education Officers and participation of the membership and others, we will reach our goal of establishing the safest motorcycle environment possible.



Level I: Safety by Commitment - The first big step to success


Level I of the Rider Education Program is also referred to as Safe Miles. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or the Co-Rider to practice safe motorcycle operation whenever they operate their motorcycle.


Safety is a state of mind which can only be attained through total commitment. Every successful accomplishment begins with a commitment to reach the intended objective. This is true of the Rider Education Program and includes a promise to learn for the sake of Rider, Co-Rider, friends and family, and others on the road.


Though there is no mileage requirement to enter Level I, the commitment to safe riding is tracked by the number of accident free miles since joining GWRRA. Accident free miles are accumulated in 5,000 mile increments and may be updated at yearly intervals. Requirement: Verbal commitment to ride safely at all times. No cost to sign up. Patches available at $6.00 per participant Receive: "Safe Miles" patch, Rider (or Co-rider) Rocker, and mileage pin.



Level II: Safety by Education


Level II of the REP is also referred to as Tour Rider. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to be safer motorcycle riders by taking approved motorcycle riding courses at regular intervals.


GWRRA has chosen several educational training programs for the Riders and Co-Riders such as the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) programs, the United Sidecar Association course, the CSC (Canadian Safety Council) programs, and the GWRRA's Advanced Riding courses and Parking Lot Practice programs. (See note in the Rider Education Manual on PLP.)


Completing these courses provides the foundation and skills for your quest to be a safe motorcycle rider. All recognized programs with the exception of the PLP are taught by qualified and Nationally certified instructors. PLPs use our Facilitators to administer the program.


For the Co-Rider, we have provided an excellent seminar and "Two Up" programs to assist in their role in the safety aspect of motorcycle riding.


Motorcycle education goes "hand in hand" with commitment. The "on bike" education by MSF, USCA, CSC and GWRRA for the Rider and Co-Rider and the "off bike" education designed specifically for the Co-Rider, provide a very effective approach to motorcycle safety. This is when a REP participant truly begins to understand what the Level I commitment means and sees the value in the program.


Requirement: Rider - a Certified Rider Course with 5,000 safe miles. Co-Rider - certified Co-rider Seminar or 2-up Rider Course. No cost to sign up. Patches available at $5.00 per participant Receive: "Red Triangle" patch for either Rider or Co-rider signifying Level II participant.



Level III: Safety by Preparedness


Level III of the REP is also referred to as Certified Tour Rider/Co-Rider. It represents the commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to be prepared in the event of an accident to give aid and possibly save lives. This is done by being knowledgeable in First Aid or CPR and carrying a first aid kit on their motorcycle at all times.


It would be wonderful if we could achieve the coveted goal of zero accidents, however, we know realistically, accidents will happen. Because of this, it is important to be fully prepared to lend aid to unfortunate accident victims. It is important to always be prepared to save a life. Level III of the Rider Education Program was developed to deal with such circumstances by recognizing and encouraging proper First Aid or CPR training. CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation), has been used to save many lives. Being trained to render CPR or First Aid is a tremendous asset to those the REP participant will come in contact with daily.


Attendance of a Motorist Awareness Seminar at this level exposes the Member to our program to improve awareness of all road users to the presence of motorcycle, trike, and sidecar enthusiasts. When interfacing with the public in the future, the Level III Rider or Co-Rider can inform them about what we have available to help others share the road with us. GWRRA University Trainers certified in Rider Education are authorized to present Motorist Awareness Seminars.


Requirement: Current in Level ll and have taken either First Aid or CPR training

 No cost to sign up. Patches available at $4.00 per participant

 Receive: "Certified Tour Rider" or "Certified Co-Rider" patch.



Level IV: Safety By Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness


Level IV is the most prestigious of the REP levels and is referred to as Master Tour Rider/Co-Rider. It represents the highest commitment of the Rider and/or Co-Rider to safe riding and preparedness. This commitment is shown by a demonstrated history of safe miles and current certification in both First Aid and CPR.. These Master Tour Riders/Co-Riders are the finest example to everyone of the highest commitment to safe motorcycle operation and preparedness.


Level IV of the REP, the Master Tour Rider, was designed for those special caring individuals who desire to "be all they can be" with regards to motorcycle safety. The requirements are more stringent than Level III and require a greater commitment. These individuals are caring, trained and prepared with the experience to back them up. It is realized Level IV is not for everyone, but for those who desire to be of greater service to their fellow man, it is the correct prescription.


Why desire to be a Level IV Master Tour Rider? It's a worthy goal. Being prepared to save a life is a high calling indeed! These individuals are shining examples to the rest of the GWRRA membership. Others aspire to practice the same commitment as displayed by those who have attained Level IV. For that reason, because these individuals are ambassadors to the members at all levels, GWRRA provides a special gathering to celebrate the Master Tour Rider commitment each year at the District Rally, Region D Rally and Wing Ding.


Requirement: Current in Level lll for one year and have taken both First Aid and CPR training. Have 25,000 Safe Miles and must be committed to riding with "Proper Riding Gear" at all times.

 Cost: $35.00 for each participant (Black and Gold patch is available for another $8.00)

 Receive: "Special Triangular" patch with dark blue border and your individual Master number embroidered on it.



Note: all Level Program Patches are also available in "Black and Gold"

 at a charge of $1.00 extra per level for levels I, II, and III.



So there you have the program structure:

Level I Safety by Commitment

Level II Safety by Education

Level III Safety by Preparedness

Level IV Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness


The GWRRA is proud to present the Rider Education Program. We encourage you to think seriously about motorcycle safety and be a participant in the GWRRA Rider Education Program. You should also remember the old cliche, "an ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure." Always wear protective riding apparel!



To sign up or to receive more information, contact any Rider Education Officer


The Motorist Awareness Division and Rider Education Program, through a Team effort, are committed to a goal of establishing the safest motorcycling environment possible. While Rider Education trains and educates motorcycle riders, the Motorist Awareness Division (MAD) will focus on educating the motorist community. Our primary goal in motorist awareness will be to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes with other highway users, a reduction in the loss of life, and a reduction in injuries.


A New Era in Motorist Awareness - A Simple Plan ...


The Motorist Awareness Division of GWRRA, through a "Share the Road" campaign will pursue three aspects of motorist awareness. Each of these three are supportive of each other:

•Awareness Education - Providing motorists with First Class, professional education through our certified seminar presentations. Our presentations will be developed for a multitude of audiences, educating them to a better understanding of motorcyclists, the risks involved, a heightened awareness of motorcycle presence and what they as motorists can do in the prevention of crashes.

•"Drive Aware!"

•Awareness Advertisement - Serves as a reminder to motorists that they share the road with motorcycles. Reinforced reminder to the education aspect.

•Public Relations - Interaction with the motoring public has the ability to reflect highly on GWRRA and to mold public opinion on how they view motorcyclists.



Our goal in this area is to build a rapport with motorists and leave them with a feeling that motorcyclists are real people who could be their friend, neighbor, or even a relative.


The Motorist Awareness Division has already begun working with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and other organizations within the motorcycling community. Communications and the sharing of information between us and these organizations helps build our programs, sets the stage for success and benefits the entire motorcycling community.



M.A.D. - Saving Lives Through Awareness Education


GWRRA Rider Education MEDIC FIRST AID...


GWRRA Rider Education has traditionally encouraged members to obtain and maintain certifications in First Aid and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). These basic skills are easily learned, but may make the difference between life and death in the critical minutes before professional help can arrive. There are a number of fine providers of this type of training available, including familiar names such as the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.


Medic First Aid Patch GWRRA is a recognized corporate provider of the MEDIC FIRST AID international® program. As such, our certified instructor members are able to provide this high quality program to other members at a very affordable cost. In addition to First Aid and CPR, many of the Regions are proud to have recently added an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training option to the available courses.


Whatever your preferred provider, we strongly encourage you to get trained and stay current in your certification. "Education and Preparedness" are important steps in fulfillment of our motto, "Safety Is For Life." If you would like to have more information on becoming a GWRRA MEDIC FIRST AID Instructor, contact your District coordinator or the Region MEDIC FIRST AID Trainer.


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